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HVAC Ducting

Good duct placement gives the lowest air conditioning costs, heating costs, energy costs, repair costs and highest comfort.

This page explains ducts and ducting for air conditioning and heating. Specifically good duct placement. By understanding duct placement you will be able to walk around your home or office and quickly determine if your ducts are placed for best effect and efficiency.

Ducts and duct placement.

Duct placement is very important in controlling comfort and energy costs. Ducts deliver either warmed or cooled air throughout the building. Often builders or air conditioning contractors place ducts where it easiest to do so. This is to save them money, not you.

Our section on air conditioning facts gives energy savings on duct repair along with the percentage of homes in California with leaking ducts.

Good duct placement

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Good duct placement for air conditioning and heating efficiency and comfort.

Good duct placement. Reduces air conditioning repair and energy costs and better comfort. This room has well placed ducts. Heated or cooled air comes into the room furthest away from the door thus pushing old room air out and back to the heater to be air conditioned or heated as required. The air conditioning or heating both work less with lower energy and repair costs.

Take a look around your home. Are the ducts placed away from the door in each room so they push air out? If they are, your air conditioning efficiency is good from the issue of duct placement.

Bad duct placement

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Bad duct placement will cause your air conditioning and heating bills to be high and comfort low.

Bad duct placement causes higher air conditioning repair, energy cost and reduces comfort.

The duct is too close to the door! Air comes in and quickly circles out the door back to the heater to be either heated or cooled. Red areas take much longer to heat / cool as incoming heated / cooled air can only (with this duct placement) mix slowly with the old air. The system must run longer to get the room to the temperature you want. Your energy and repair costs go up!

Why are bad ducting jobs done? Two reasons. The materials cost less (shorter duct runs) and it takes far less time to install ducting where the attic is higher (labor savings). CONCLUSIONS: A lower cost to install, but a higher cost to operate in both heating and air conditioning modes. Over the years, extra energy and air conditioning system repair costs can easily reach many thousands of dollars.

Look around your home. Do you see any bad duct placement?

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