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10% off Air conditioning repair, AC service, Furnace repair, or Furnace service.

Commercial and office HVAC

Commercial HVAC

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Kelly's Giving proper commercial HVAC advice, service, preventive maintenance and repairs to customers since 1985

You can count on Kelly's to give you proper advice on your commercial / industrial air conditioning, heating and cooling equipment.

Depend on us for a quality repair, service, maintenance and installation, with a warranty which we stand behind! If needed Kelly's recommends the commercial air conditioning or heater system best suited for your business or office, for cost, dependability and efficiency.

Your business or office will be safer, cleaner, healthier, and more comfortable after our job is complete. All our quotations are complete and fully documented for you. You know exactly what you are buying and the total cost. There are no surprises.

No obligation quotations! Commercial HVAC, industrial and office HVAC maintenance agreements.

Proper maintenance includes a yearly coil cleaning. Quarterly service includes: amp out all motors, clean the contactor, check freon levels, check gas - if applicable, pilot check and cleaning, amp reading on gas valve, clean blower assembly, check all controls for discoloration, change or clean all filters.

This takes about one hour per unit per visit.

Kelly's would be pleased to offer you a quotation for a proper commercial air conditioning or heater preventive maintenance, repair or service. Not just a filter change!

Our commercial HVAC warranty.

Our warranty is a no surprise or cost, full year of parts and labor. Kelly's offers quick commercial repair response time! Our customers can verify this for you.

Kelly's yearly service / preventive maintenance customers always receive 10% off parts and labor.

Preventive Maintenance

Over the years we observe that commercial, office and industrial customers who are well informed with a basic understanding about HVAC make better decisions and are far less likely to be talked into a mistake or be mislead. Over the years they spend thousands of dollars less on energy, repair and capital costs.

Learn everything you need to know about preventive maintenance right here and it's accurate! GO.

Sincerely, Tom Kelly

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